The Club des Etoiles is composed of three committees. The Executive Committee, which takes care of daily management, the Honorary Committee, which represents and supports the Club, and the Ballot Committee, which takes care of new membership admissions.

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Club des Etoiles is composed by four persons, of which the Founding President, Mister Damien Van Bellinghen. In order to complete the Committee, the Club des Etoiles is privileged to count on the support of three international personalities from the diplomatic world, the business world, as well as from nobility.

The Honorary Committee

The Honorary Committee of the Club des Etoiles is composed of Belgian or international personalities, close to the Club and its activities, that the Executive Committee chose to honor. These personalities, coming from various spheres of influence, represent and support the Club. This Committee is managed by its President and unites once every year.

The Ballot Committee

The Ballot Committee of the Club des Etoiles is composed of the four members of the Executive Committee and the Founding members of the Club. Its goal is to regulate new memberships in order to assure the quality of the new admissions toward the Club.

Executive Committee

Prince Charles-Philippe d'Orléans

Honorary President
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Mr. Damien Van Bellinghen

Founder - President
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Mr. Xavier Van Overmeire

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H.E. Mr. Thomas Antoine

Chairman of the Honor Committee
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Honorary Committee

Doctor Michaël Gillon

Astrophysicist, Francqui Prize 2021

Prince Joachim Murat

Prince of Pontecorvo

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Mrs. Y