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The Club des Etoiles is a Belgian social & business club that organizes events in Belgium and abroad: breakfast-conferences, literary dinners, culinary tastings, concert dinners, themed meals… and assembles heads of companies and personalities that hold an important position at their respective companies, located in the finance, cultural, diplomatic, political, artistic or charity world.



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The word of the Honorary President

Dear Visitors, For several years, my friend and associate Damien Van Bellinghen and I organise prestigious events in Europe. The Bal de la Riviera in Estoril and the Nuit des Etoiles in Brussels became unmissable philanthropic rendezvous of glamour, charm and luxury on our continent. Always organized for the benefit of great causes that are close to our heart, it gathers personalities from all around the world, coming from the business world, diplomacy, and European royal families. Along the years, not only special working relationships, but also friendships have been formed with our guests. These two annual rendezvous have quite naturally become, more than philanthropic and social galas, true moments of reunion. It’s the feeling of belonging to a circle of friends, and the desire to regularly see each other that has pushed us to create an environment in which we are able to gather more often all year round, whilst gaining new opportunities toward new relationships. The Club des Etoiles is born to gather around dinner-conferences, themed breakfasts, literary evenings or gastronomic and viticultural discoveries. And this is only the beginning. This website will acquaint you with the Club des Etoiles, its past and future activities, and most importantly, its mindset we wanted to instil in it. Welcome to the website of the Club des Etoiles!

Prince Charles-Philippe d’Orléans
Duke of Anjou

The word of the President of the Honorary Committee

Dear Friends, Every star is unique, but all stars are beautiful and useful : they invite us to raise our eyes from our daily routine to admire the infinite beauty of the universe and to trace our route on the sometimes choppy sea of our lives. We trust and admire them. Dear friends, we can be those stars if we wish ! Together, we can form a beautiful constellation that can inspire, guide and add beauty and meaning to our lives. Together, we can dedicate our many talents to the service of our fellow citizens as guides, leaders, responsible partners to address the needs of our society which sometimes loses its bearing. As honorary ambassador of HM the King of the Belgians and as philosopher by training and vocation, I am proud and happy to answer to the invitation of Damien Van Bellinghen to chair the Honoraryn Committee of the Club des Etoiles. This association wants to give to its members, in addition to the pleasure of being together, the joy of doing good actions to the others. Together ! Links for good! Indeed, the Club des Etoiles keeps a tradition of philanthropy stemming from many charity events among which the yearly Gala evening of “La Nuit des Etoiles”. This philanthropy, litterally the love of people, is first practiced within the Club ; doing good makes us better and happier people, learning to appreciate each other. I am looking forward, now that the Covid pandemy seems at last to ebb away, to restoring many frayed ties, meeting new friends, experiencing beautiful encounters, relaunching our artistic, cultural and charitable activities, to make of us even brighter stars ! Hoping to meet you soon.

Thomas Antoine
Honorary Ambassador of Belgium

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